Gray Fox

Gray Fox

I was on my way to photograph the sunset along the shores of Green Bay which requires me to head out through the country roads but I didn’t get all that far.  This splendid gray fox was ducking in and out of a few cars on a piece of property right in town.

I Waited 30 Years to See One in the Wild Again

It has been years since I had a gray fox in the wild. Matter of fact, over 30 years. I never did make it down to the bay for those sunset photographs, I set up shop and waited and stalked the gray fox until I could get a clear photograph.

Grey Fox

My Obsession With Fox Started in a Strange Way

I’ve had a love obsession with foxes for years. It started when I was a little girl checking traps I would set and bait with my great-grandfather. 

Gray Fox

I’d wake up at the crack of dawn and head out into the woods to help him check all his animal traps. We would bring home the animal, skin tan the furs, and make products to sell and trade with the neighbors and local businesses. My grandfather always made sure he used the animal to the fullest.

Gray Fox

It always made me a little sad, but I knew that hunting, trapping, and commercial fishing were the ways that my grandparents supported themselves and put food on their table. Since there was a need for it, we did it.

Gray Fox

Strange Fact

One thing I know works well to keep unwanted critters away from gardens – is fox pee. Sorry for being gross. But, it works! I swear, and I’m not pulling your leg.

I remember telling my kindergarten teacher exactly how we did it – and she wasn’t impressed with me. Matter of fact, I’m fairly certain she thought I was a strange child. 🙂  That poor woman looked at me with big eyes a few times! 

We sold the urine to customers to keep deer, rabbits, and mice away from gardens and local farm corn cribs. My great grandfather always told everyone it was hit or miss on other critters.

Gray Fox

But, deer, rabbits, and mice /rats it would work. I did a quick search and see it is still being sold today—Fox Urine. 

If you have an issue with deer, rabbits, or mice – try it!!

Gray Fox

I’m hoping that I will not have to wait an additional 30 years to see another gray fox.  They are such playful and wonderful creatures.

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