57 Theme Gift Basket Ideas

Because every occasion deserves a touch of delight, wrapped up The sky’s the limit when you create a gift basket.  You can purchase smaller go-together items, relatively cheap, and package them together, to make a perfect basket.

Creating a gift basket can be a thoughtful and versatile gesture for various occasions. Here are some good reasons to make a gift basket:

Reasons To Make A Basket


  • Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and other milestones are perfect occasions for a customized gift basket tailored to the recipient’s interests.


  • Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, and other holidays are ideal times to spread joy with a festive and themed gift basket.

Get Well Soon:

  • Sending a thoughtful gift basket can lift the spirits of someone unwell or recovering, providing comfort and encouragement.

Thank You:

  • Express gratitude with a curated gift basket to show appreciation for someone’s help, support, or kind gesture.


  • During times of loss or bereavement, a sympathy gift basket can offer solace and comfort to those going through a difficult period.

Welcome Home:

  • Celebrate the return of a friend or family member with a warm and welcoming gift basket, making them feel appreciated and cherished.

New Baby:

  • Welcome a newborn into the world by gifting a basket filled with baby essentials, toys, and goodies for the new parents.


  • Whether as a bridal shower gift or a token of congratulations, a wedding-themed gift basket can add a personal touch to your wishes.

Corporate Gifts:

  • Gift baskets make excellent corporate gifts for clients, partners, or employees, expressing appreciation or celebrating achievements.


  • Help friends or family settle into their new home by presenting them with a gift basket filled with home essentials or personalized items.

Teacher Appreciation:

  • Show gratitude to teachers or educators with a thoughtful gift basket, acknowledging their hard work and dedication.

Just Because:

  • Sometimes, the best reason to give a gift basket is no reason at all. Surprise someone “just because” and brighten their day.

Auctions and Benefits:

  • Gift baskets are popular items for silent auctions or charity benefits, contributing to fundraising efforts while providing attendees with bundles of joy, surprises, and generosity that light up any event and make winning even sweeter.

Remember, the key to a great gift basket is personalization. Tailor the contents to the recipient’s preferences and the occasion, and you’re sure to create a memorable and appreciated gift.

57 Theme Gift Basket Ideas

1. Gardener: Use a large Terracotta pot for a basket. Fill with gardening gloves, hand trowel, hand rake, veggie/flower seeds, liquid fertilizer, gardening book, subscription for gardening magazine.

2. Someone that loves to cook: Large pasta bowl: gourmet pasta, tongs, sun-dried tomatoes, spices, pasta recipes, pasta cookbook.

3. For Golfer: basket or golf bag: golf tees, golf balls, baseball cap, sunscreen, score cards, small towel, can cooler.

4. Wine appreciation: two bottles of wine, corkscrew, wineglasses, wine appreciation book, tickets to a wine tasting event, snacks-cheese, fruit, crackers.

5. Dog lover: Large dog bowl, squeaky toy, rawhide bone, dog biscuits, dog brush, dog collar, leash.

6. Crafter – glue gun, glue sticks, assorted brushes, craft knife, beads, pompoms, woodsticks, buttons, stickers, dried flowers, craft patterns/books.

7. Square basket – note cards, envelopes, note paper, letter opener, pen/pencil set, personalized seal and sealing wax, and return address labels.

8. Camera bag – camera image cards, coupons for film development, filters for camera, lens cleaning solution and cloth, picture frames/albums.

9. Relaxation pack – gel eye pack, Epsom salts, bath salts, bubble bath, aromatherapy oils, lotions, scented candles, books on tape, hand-held massager, relaxing tape/CD.

10. Kids kit – crayons, markers, papers, coloring books, stickers, paints and brushes.

11. Sports – Helmet or hat – sports cards, baseball, puck, shoe/boot/skate laces, mineral oil, batting glove, gum, sports video, sports magazine, a poster of a favorite player.

12. New homeowner – Tool box – screwdrivers, wrench, hammer, pliers, nails, screw, washers, gift certificate for local hardware store, do-it-yourself book, light switch covers, light bulbs, duct tape, paint brushes, knobs, handles.

13. Guitar player – Basket – assorted picks, tuning fork, sheet music, CD’s cassettes, guitar strings, electronic tuner, lesson books.

14. Soap opera fan – basket- tissues, bonbons, soap opera magazines, biographies of fav stars, pictures of fav stars, blank video tapes, fan club memberships.

15. Winter fun pack – toque- lip balm, moisturizer, mittens, hot packs, pass to a local ski place, hot chocolate.

16. New age – basket- tarot cards, crystals, scented candles, incense, new age music, books, certificates for palm reading, psychic reading, etc.

17. Grandparents far away- basket – children’s artwork, gifts made by the kids, kid-decorated picture frames with pics of the kids in them, videos of the family, calling cards, candy, coffee, tea, biscuits, ornaments, candles.

18. Crafter – basket/rubber box – grapevine wreath, dried flowers, pine cones, glue gun/glue sticks, wreath hanger, ribbon.

19. One that loves car– basket or bag – tire gauge, gallon oil, car wax, chamois, car wash coupons, squeegee for windows, milage log/pen, travel mug.

20. Sundae basket – ice cream scoop, gourmet sauces, sprinkles, cones, maraschino cherries, assorted nuts, glasses and spoons, coupons for ice cream.

21. Goldfish bowl– fish food, aquarium gravel, net, a certificate for fish from a pet store, and book about fish.

22. Cookie tin – cookie recipes, cookie book, cookie cutters, chocolate chips, nuts, decorator icing set, assorted sprinkles.

23. Rainy day – Basket – a deck of cards, cribbage board, search-a-word/crossword books, pencils, pens, herbal tea, puzzles, teacup.

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24. Men – overnight bag- socks, underwear, belt, tie, tie clip, handkerchiefs, wallet, watch.

25. Shopaholic – basket – cushioned insoles, directories for local malls, gift certificates, tote bags, parking passes, list of babysitters, coupons, snacks, bottled water.

26. Comedy pack – basket- trick cards, whoopie cushion, chattering teeth, joke books, movies, cassettes, CDs. tickets to a comedy club.

27. Woodworker – Rubber/plastic box- sandpapers, chisels, router bits, saw blades, files, brushes, varnishes, paints, patterns, a gift certificate to a hardware store for wood.

28. Computer buff – Basket- mouse pad, diskettes, novelty labels, anti-static wristband, travel mug, list of favorite websites.

29. Salon pack – basket- shampoo, conditioner, brush, combs, pick, barrettes, scrunchies, clips, bows, pins, twists, book on hairstyles, styling gels/sprays/mousse.

30. Cooker – stew pot or casserole dish – dried beans, dried red chili peppers, chili powder, cayenne pepper, cumin, cilantro, chili recipes, ladle, oven mitts.

31. Teenage girl – purse – wallet, cash, keychain, lipstick holder, perfume atomizer, hair brush w/mirror.

32. Expectant parents – baby’s bathtub – hooded towel, washcloths, rubber ducky, baby shampoo, baby powder, baby lotion, terri sleeper.

33. Beer/winemakers – box- wine or beer kit, empty bottles, personalized labels, beer caps or wine corks, caper, recipes.

34. Skier– tote bag- lip balm, sunscreen, goggles, gloves, scarf, ski pass, wax.

35. Home office owner – briefcase – day timer, business card holder, pen and pencil set, newspaper subscription, shoe polish, reference books, desk calendar, coffee mug, paperweight.

36. New Year party pack – basket- champagne, glasses, party hats, noise makers, sparklers, confetti, balloons, party invitations.

37. Crochet – basket – needles/hooks, assorted patterns, buttons, ribbons, made by labels, wool.

38. Writer – basket – lined note pads, engraved pen, dictionary, quotes, tape recorder, blank tapes, style guide, newsletter subscription, books on how to get published.

39. Music groupie – basket – fan club membership, CDs, cassettes of the favorite group, posters of favorite group, biographies, sheet music, tickets to concerts, band t-shirts.

40. Night out basket– coupons for babysitting, restaurant guide, gift certificates, movie reviews, and tickets, tickets to shows or concerts, cab fair, lighted key chain.

41. Mystery lover– deerstalker hat- mystery novels, computer game, magnifying glass, puzzle/brain teaser books, how to host a mystery game.

42. Hiker – Hiking boots for basket- maps, rain poncho, bear bells, or repellent, trail mix, compass, first aid kit.

43. Vegetarian – Large bowl for basket- meatless recipes, dried beans, brown rice, sun-dried tomatoes, spices, mixing spoons, pot holders.

44. Cowboy – cowboy hat as basket – bolo tie, western belt buckle, boot protector, tickets to rodeo, bits, spurs.

45. Walker/jogger – tote bag for basket – pedometer, sweatband, tapes and batteries for walkman, shoelaces, sports socks, personal alarm, t-shirts, water bottle in a shoulder or waist holder.

46. Cosmetics – Cosmetic bag for basket – nail polish, emery boards, nail clippers, nail brush, cuticle remover, nail file, nail polish remover, cotton balls.

47. Couch potato – large basket- flavored popcorn, chips, nuts, candy, movies, tv guide subscription, tv remote holder, comfortable slippers, cushion.

48. Stock the bar pack.- Ice bucket as basket- shot glasses, bottle opener, cork screw, maraschino cherries, cocktail napkins, jar of olives, fancy toothpicks, bar guide, fancy little umbrella’s.

49. Crafter – plastic container- terracotta plant pots, flexible stencils, acrylic paints, stencil tape, brushes, spray polyurethane, seeds to plant.

50. Kids backpack – plastic pail as basket- plastic shovel, sand molds, beach ball, floats, beach towel, flip flops, sunglasses, sunscreen for kids, bathing suit.

51. Road trip – tote bag as basket- maps, travel mug- sunglasses, hotel coupons, tire gauge, beaded seat cover, travel games, CDs/cassettes, car air freshener.

52. For a musician – decorative cans such as basket – reeds, strings, drum sticks, mouthpieces, sheet music, valve oils, instrument straps, electronic tuners, metronome, and recorded music of their favorite artist.

53. For the BBQ – an apron with pockets for the basket- fill the pockets with marinade recipes, BBQ sauce, BBQ tools, meat tenderizer, skewers, and gift certificates for local butchers.

54. For the collector: fill the basket with- reference books, items they collect, display cases, books, cleaning supplies for their collection, and tickets to a collectibles show.

55. Bachelor survival kit – Fill Laundry basket – laundry guide, a cookbook featuring easy meals, a roll of quarters and laundry soap, take-out pizza coupons/gift cards, an iron, room deodorizer, any cleaning supplies, paper plates, food staples, macaroni dinners, canned tuna, soup, and of course, BEER.

56. For babies – fill a big plastic tub with – squeaky toys, talking toys, cardboard boxes, teething rings, blankets, sippy cups, plates and spoons, a fork for babies, socks, clothes, etc.

57. Pizza Bowl -Premade pizza crust pizza sauce can mushrooms pepperoni and other toppings(cheese, etc) pizza cutter red and white checked cloth napkins all placed in the bowl with ribbon criss-crossed over it.

Hope you found this listing of 57 Theme Gift Basket Ideas helpful. At least it should get the creative juices flowing.

Remember, the key to a great gift basket is personalization. Tailor the contents to the recipient’s preferences and the occasion, and you’re sure to create a memorable and appreciated gift.

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  3. What about a guy that is a gun fanatic? He has multiple shot guns, and other guns, and is a country guy. What kind of gift basket can I make for him?

    1. Martha, Off the top of my head here are some ideas: A camouflage single can cooler, camouflage bandana, playing cards,beef jerky, energy bars, nuts, head lamp for night tracking, gun cleaning kit, gun shells, rem oil, knife, compass, issue of a hunting magazine, travel mug, foot warming inserts, pretzles or any basic snacks.

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