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Who I Am –
Let me introduce you to the lady behind Nikki Lynn Design, me, Nikki Vig.

I am in my mid 40’s and the mother of two very active,
children.  I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 24 wonderful years.

Lover of animals and spur-of-the-moment road trips. Enjoy gardening, experimental cooking projects, and “trying” new crafty adventures. Avid photographer and digital artsy fartsy as well 🙂

One shot of me that my daughter took while I was feeding the chickadees.

I LOVE nature with every fiber of my being!

Five Interesting Facts About Me –

1.) Jane of all trades, master of none.

2.) Haphazard person by nature. For better or worse, I own that mad skill. I will complete everything I start….eventually.

3.) I love adventure. I try to seek it out in Wisconsin & by traveling the Midwest “Where in Wisconsin is Nikki” should be my motto.

Me and the Hubby Exploring the Trails

I like to have fun! I don’t care how I look doing it.

4.) I don’t like being told you CAN’T do something. I WILL find a way and prove you WRONG.

5.) Every skill and life lesson that I have struggled with over my lifetime was for a reason. Each was a building block that helped me build a tower. Remember, for everything in your life there is a purpose. You just don’t know what that purpose is; YET. We learn that lesson LATER.

Weekend Forcast

Where I Live:
Green Bay, WI


What You Can Find Here:
A Mess!  You will find a hot mess! I’d like to be able to say just kidding after that, but I can’t. NikkiLynnDesign.com was started to share some of my recipes, crafts and to promote my fused glass business..

When I started blogging Apple wasn’t a household name, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) was in preschool school and you paid big bucks to have a domain and could only have a small amount of photos.

I didn’t know how to use all the web tools, had to learn HTML and things got a little messy.  Then, I quit the fused glass business because there weren’t ENOUGH people online. Boy, have times changed! Over the years, I have cleaned up the website. I’ve learned plenty of what NOT to do. But, there is still plenty of work to done.


Purchase My Photography?

First, it is important to know I don’t expect you to want to purchase anything. Feel free to use the site for travel reference – if you would like.  But, if you want to purchase anything,  I choose to consign my print work out. I do this for a number of reasons that directly benefit my clients:

1.) I do not have to keep any of your personal credit card information on file.  I am one person.  I do not know how that all works.  Not going to pretend I do.  I believe I should leave it to companies that have teams in place and know how to protect your valuable information.

2.) All the companies I consign with use professional, if not museum grade materials to print and frame.

3.) ALL of the companies Smugmug, Fine Art America and Zazzle offer something that MANY companies and photographers do not.  A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.



Breakdown of the Companies:


Smugmug is a living archive of all of my photography endeavors. I have oodles and oodles of albums for your viewing pleasure.  You may order photo prints off the albums. The cheapest route and printed on professional products. They happily have a satisfaction guarantee.

Fine Art America

Looking for a conversation piece that will have your friends and family talking? Here is the top of the line – museum grade printing materials company.  The pricing is a little higher – no doubt.  


1.) Try acrylic prints they are stunning! Everyone must have one statement piece – acrylic makes a big, bold statement!.

2.) The picture rag paper for framing purposes is an exceptional choice.

3.) Followed up archival matte, metallic paper and glossy.  They really bring out the colors.

Going gonna pay for this service.  Have your wallet out.  But, you will be happy too. Every purchase through Fine Art America includes a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE SHOP NOW

My Nikki Lynn Design store carries my alphabet photography, photography prints, coffee mugs, note cards, postage stamps, calendars, necklaces and more. Not much selection currently.

Every purchase through Zazzle also includes a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.


Pixels Image Licensing
Pixels Image Licensing is the company that I use to license images.  Need an image for a media project, billboard, tv advertising, book cover, magazine or website?  I allow Pixels to license my images directly to you.  There are some stipulations, like you can’t produce prints to sell, calendars, t-shirts, coffee mugs and such with the sole purpose of profiting off the image. The site does a pretty good job of telling you what you can, and can’t do with the images.  If you have a question email me nikkilynndesigns  @ gmail.com

Social Media

On YouTube  I have an unsystematic way of adding videos.  It is really a mixed bag of videos from my photography travels, gardening tips, recipes and crafts from NikkiLynnDesign.com.  I am surprised I have the following base I do. You never know what I’m going to add, or when.

I go months and months without posting anything, and then magically, I’m active again. Those that do follow me – I appreciate it. You put up with, and support my haphazard nature.

Maybe at some point, I will transfer all my photography videos over to their own channel. For now, it is what it is. I’m a hot mess 🙂 What’s new, right? See a pattern?  I am trying to fix this going forward for 2017.

Follow me on Instagram where I share up to two photos a week depicting my time spent in nature and time spent with my own crazy birds, both in & outside the nest. Content is usually shared in real time or within a week of me visiting an area. My second Instagram account has the cooking, crafting and gardening themed photos.

Facebook I don’t spend much time posting here. Thus, I have not spent time promoting my page.  I’d rather spend time blogging and lost in nature. If you want to follow me, personally; I do share things using the “public” setting at times.

There is always a reason for my madness.  Hopefully, with the large changes in the past month – you are finding what you need here. Patience grasshopper.  The site will get where it needs to be by the end of 2017. Promise. I made the commitment and cleared my plate.

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