If I mention a product and link to it on this site – I might get a small percentage of the sale if you purchase using an Amazon link.  But, I will not just randomly link to anything.  I’ll have an excellent reason for sharing.  I support all types of artists on and also link to Amazon at this time.

I want you to know you are supporting my blogging habits….if a blogger provides value, give them a bone for their time and if you are ordering from Amazon, a blogger will get a small amount —-> but it costs you nothing to support us. The companies pay the fee. A customer never will.

I believe in honesty, it is always the best policy and I never want anyone to feel cheated. We all work hard and play hard in this life – Stepping on someone else to get you where you want to be is wrong!


By sponsorship, that means —> I received a free product from a company to review in a posting – not that I have been paid to review it. I do NOT accept payment for postings.  I will tell you upfront if a company sends me a product to include in any posting.  But, any opinions on this site are my own and you will know if I did or didn’t like something, I will let you know – honestly.  I will never accept compensation for adding links on this site, nor will I change my thoughts on a product for the money – I’m not in the practice of building wealth this way.


Pinterest & Social Media Cause: I give you permission to pin images directly from this site to your boards or share via share buttons on this site to Facebook, Google+ and the likes of all Social media I have included on this site. Even if you are a business or in tourism, that doesn’t matter to me.  As long as you use a share button direct from the site, you are golden.


My Photography & Designs

The photography & digital designs that say click on the photo to purchase, are mine. You will be directed to my of my accounts. The companies handle all the sales, professional printing, and shipping..  All photography sales came with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Read more about the ordering process.

On occasion, I do promote additional artists because the term starving artist, REALLY does fit well into their lives.  I don’t get paid to include their link.  I do so because we are friends on Instagram, Facebook or I personally like their art.  The same rules apply as if you would order from off my personal links.  100% satisfaction on anything ordered using a Zazzle or Fine Art America link.


I Get Told Often I Don’t Play Well With Other Blogs:
If you want to know my stance on downloading my photography and uploading and including them on your site —> Read here.

Please Do Not Copy Without Permission:

Copyright is reserved on all images and text generated by Nicole Vig. Copyright is retained by originator for all images and text generated by others and used with their permission or within the context of ‘fair use’. Contact me if you want to make a copy and use any text or images for publication elsewhere. All spam blogs will be reported for copyright infringement (this means you can not use my photos on your blog). Copying for commercial use is subject to license and a fee.


Plain English – I do not give permission for you to take a copy my photo, upload it to your website or blog and then link back to my site.  PERIOD. We need to talk if this is what you want to do.


Copyright Infringement Issue?
I do have a few items that are CC or shareable according to the author or the site that it was on – If you find ANYTHING that you feel should not have been provided this way – inbox me here.  I take copyright infringement seriously. Not sure what copyright infringement is?  This blog post from another site does an excellent job of explaining it.  CLICK HERE


All photography has two watermarks, white text and a raised and sometimes hidden watermark – unless you print it.  When you print the photos you will see a raised watermark containing my name.  Want a picture?  Click on the buy link to get a high-quality print.  No link?  Contact me through Facebook and let me know.

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