In Brown County Wisconsin

Bairds Nature Preserve After Winter Storm

Bairds Nature Preserve After Winter Storm

Bairds Nature Preserve After Winter Storm

I’m NOT a winter person.  I don’t like shoveling. I dislike wearing white, chalky salt on my shoes; as well as on every piece of clothing I own.  I’m sick of my fingers and toes aching from temps below 30 degree F and I am tired of the thick, black lines of mascara running down my cheeks from my eyes watering from snow blindness.

That all quickly fades away, when you wake up one morning to a winter wonderland.  A view that immediately makes you want to go and explore.

Winter at Bairds Creek

My journey lead me to Bairds Creek Nature Preserve in Green Bay, WI. It is a 500 acre preserve. A stop that I had not ventured to explore in winter.

Burdock - This wildflower is past its prime. In the dead of winter, it is still hanging around to do it's job. It is a hitchhiker and also the reason we have VELCRO today. A Swiss inventor in the 1940’s studied the burdocks hook system under the microscope. The burdock had attached themselves to his clothes and his dog’s fur while walking in the woods. He realized that the same approach could be used to join other things together. The result of his studies was Velcro.

There is something relaxing and familiar to the sound your boots make when walking through fresh snow.

I carved the first path through the fresh snow this morning.

Bairds Green Bay, Wisconsin

At one point, I stopped and just looked at the snow that was enveloping the world in a cozy comforter of bleached down. For a brief moment, I stood still; allowing my senses to acknowledge the beauty that surrounded me.

The Baird Creek Preservation in Winter

That was until two cross country skiers broke the silence. I stood and watched them ski off into the distance, only their tracks remained.

At some point, winter will end. Until then, I will stop complaining about the cold and look toward the beauty. For every season, there is a reason.


This large herd of deer in the winter wonderland also reminds me nature is amazing!

Nature has a way of reminding you to stop looking for the “bad” around you, and to start looking for the good that surrounds you. If you open your eyes to the good, it will find you you.

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