Common Goldeneye Drakes Trying to Impress the Hens


Common Goldeneye Drakes Trying to Impress the Hens:

The displays that males do to gain a female’s attention are impressive. Some, will even make you laugh out loud when you witness them for the first time.

Even though this posting is mainly on mallards, we have plenty of ducks that breed in Wisconsin. Below is a video of common goldeneye drakes trying to flatter the hens.

I always tell my daughter when the ducks are doing what I call the, “The Pick me! Pick me! Dance.” It is the one thing that I think she enjoys watching.  Otherwise, birds are not her cup of tea.

Unless I can assure her that there is going to be a good, WWE Smackdown goose fight. Then, she would be right there watching with me. Never heard someone laugh so hard over geese fighting in all my life. She is a barrel of laughs.

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Blue Jay Birds


Blue Jay Birds

Audio file of blue jay calls, written facts and photography.

Want to know what a male bird looks like? A female? How about what a blue jay birds nest looks like? How many eggs are laid or how long it takes for the eggs to hatch?

The video can answer those questions and a few additional ones. Plus, hear the calls of blue jay birds in the woods. This way you can identify that they are near to see if you can spot them when you are out for a walk.

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Feeding Begging Burros Custer State Park


Feeding Begging Burros Custer State Park

Feeding begging burros Custer State Park, South Dakota. You can read about our 11 day family trip by starting with DAY 1 HERE.

We are never without a few laughs whenever my husband is around.  The man had it in his head we had to go back through the park for a second time just to feed the burros.  Video proof, he got his wish. We did.  

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