Raspberry Torte Recipe

Raspberry Torte Recipe

When you think of a summer dessert many people’s thoughts go directly to strawberry shortcake. Growing up with a grandma that raised raspberries, we enjoyed this raspberry torte recipe. I am pretty sure each of the grandchildren has had the pleasure of eating this sweet and tart dessert.

As a tribute to my grandmother – I include the recipe for each of the grandchildren.

Raspberry Torte I Nikki Lynn Design

Raspberry Torte

Bottom crust:
Finely crush 1/2 a box of vanilla wafers.
Melt 1/2  Cup of Butter
Pat into a 13×9 pan to form the crust

Raspberry Torte I Nikki Lynn Design

2nd Layer:
Beat a 1/2 of a brick of cream cheese until really fluffy

Add 3 cups of powdered sugar
Add 1/2 Cup Butter

Place over crust

3rd Layer:
Add at least 1-2 pints of raspberries on top of the powdered sugar mix.

4th Layer:
2 Tubs of Cool Whip

5th Layer::
Sprinkle ½ Cup crushed vanilla wafers as the topping.

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