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Grow Rhubarb From Seed From Your Own Plant

Grow Rhubarb From Seed - Collect seeds from your own plants.

Grow Rhubarb From Seed From Your Own Plant

Did you know you could harvest seeds from your rhubarb plants? Well, you can. Grow rhubarb from seed!

Grow Rhubarb From Seed - Harvest seed from your own plants and grow additional plants.

From the seeds on your own plants, you can grow additional plants.  Learn how to get the seeds to sprout,grow and become healthy plants. 

If you would like to see how to correctly harvest your seeds please see my article titled: How To Collect Seeds From Your Rhubarb Plant.

Starting Rhubarb From Seeds You Have Collected

1.) Soak your seeds between wet paper towel for four hours before you intend on planting them.

Rhubarb Seeds

2.) You will want to start your seeds indoors.  I tested a variety of methods to see what worked the best.  Starting the seeds indoors, using a good quality, sterile potting soil was the only way I could get my seed to start.

3.) Plant 2 or 3 seeds per pot at a depth of 1/2″ below the soils surface.

4.) It will take about three weeks for the seeds to germinate.  Place the pots in a window greenhouse for the duration of your seedlings stay or place on the top of your refrigerator until you see the seedlings start . A refrigerator top stays a little warmer and helps the seed to germinate quicker. After the seed has germinated you can remove the seedlings from the top of the refrigerator and place it into a sunny window until you are ready for step 5.

5.) After about 6 weeks your plants will have grown around 4″ tall.  At this point you can slowly harden off the plants if the temps are above 50 degrees F at night. You can harden off plants by bringing them outdoors for a couple of hours a day and gradually increasing the amount of time throughout the week.

6.) After a week of hardening off your plants, you are ready to plant them outside.  Plant the rhubarb plant at the same depth as it was set at in the container.

7.) It takes many years to establish a rhubarb plant from seed.  I suggest that you do not harvest any stalks from your plant during the first three to four years to give the plant a healthy start.

Rhubarb Plant

8.) If you are looking for a quick way to establish a second rhubarb plant you might want to think about dividing your rhubarb plant.

Get out there and collect your seeds so you can grow rhubarb from seed!

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