11 Must-See Lighthouses in Door County Wisconsin

Love lighthouses?  How about a peninsula that has 11 Lake Michigan lighthouses?  The 11 must-see lighthouses in Door County Wisconsin will impress any lighthouse lover or history buff.

11 Must See Lighthouses in Door County Wisconsin

11 Wonderful Lake Michigan Lighthouses. Number 7 & 8 Are Absolutely Stunning

#1 Sherwood Point – The Last Manned Lighthouse

Sherwood Point Lighthouse Door County is located in northeast Wisconsin on the western shores of Lake Michigan in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

View the Sherwood Point Lighthouse post to read about the history of one of my favorite lighthouses on the peninsula and the last manned lighthouse on The Great Lakes.

#2 Eagle Bluff

Eagle Bluff lighthouse can be found in Peninsula State Park and is open for tours.

#3 Baileys Harbor Light Ranges

The two pictures below make up the Baileys Harbor Light Range and are located on the grounds of The Ridges Sanctuary in Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin.   The structures are on opposite sides of the boardwalk.

#4 Baileys Harbor Bird Cage

Building on this unique lighthouse started in 1852 and it is one of four lighthouses in the United States built with this design.  The lighthouse life use was short-lived, Cana Island lite replaced this lighthouse.

You can read a little about the lighthouse and get directions under this post.

Places In Baileys Harbor
Hike Toft Point
Hike & Explore The Ridges

#5 Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal North Pierhead

Sometimes the lake is calm and sometimes it is rough.

You can stand directly under the catwalk on the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal North Pierhead at this location, this place was made for terrific selfies. 

#6 Sturgeon Bay Canal Station Lighthouse

The tower connected to the Coast Guard Station. The lighthouse and station are off-limits to the public.

#7 Cana Island

The Cana Island Lighthouse in Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin.

You can access the grounds and tour the lighthouse. Read the Cana Island post.

#8 Pottawatomie

Rock Island Light was lit in 1836, it is the oldest light station in Wisconsin and on Lake Michigan.

A ferry ride from the mainland of Door County to Washington Island and a boat ride from Washington Island to Rock Island to yield a view of this beauty.

You can read about Rock Island boat trip, which also has pictures of the island.

#9 Plum Island

The island has a 20th century Coast Guard station, keeper’s house, and boathouse on the property.

The island is only 2–miles around the entire perimeter.

On the opposite side of the boathouse and Coast Guard station is the lighthouse. 

#10 Pilot Island

Plum Island Lighthouse Door County Wisconsin Great Lakes

Pilot Island can be viewed from the water only. Located between Washington Island and Door County Mainland.  You can see it from a distance off the Washington Island ferry.

Otherwise, check for tickets to the year’s Lighthouse Festival.

#11 Chambers Island

Chambers Island lighthouse is 7.5 miles northwest of Fish Creek and 11.5 miles northeast of Marinette.

You can’t view Chambers Island Lighthouse without a personal boat or unless you purchase a lighthouse tour ticket during the time they give tours in Door County, Wisconsin.

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