Fresh and Chunky Applesauce

Fresh and Chunky Applesauce

Fresh and Chunky Applesauce

The most inviting aroma and natural air freshener that I can think of during the fall is to place a kettle of homemade applesauce on a low simmer all day.

The apple and cinnamon goodness lingers in the air all day long.


1.) Early in the morning, while the air is still a little brisk in the house, I set up my Apple Master apple peeler, corer, and slicer.

Peeling Apples for Applesauce


I normally peel, core and slice about ten, medium to large, washed apples. I find Cortland and McIntosh apples to be the best for making my applesauce, but everyone is different.

2.) I place about a cup of water in a large kettle and then add the peeled, cored and sliced apples in the kettle with a few shakes of ground cinnamon.  I simmer this mixture, uncovered on low for hours, letting the house soak up the sweet aroma.

Making Applesauce


3.) Throughout the day, I just check to make sure there is enough moisture in the kettle.  Replenishing the water, a little at a time as the day goes on.

Making Applesauce



4.) I use a wire potato masher, to mash the softened apples every once in a while to get a chunky applesauce appearance.

5.) When I have the chunkiness I desire, I remove the applesauce from the burner and let cool.


6.) I add white sugar until I get the sweetness I desire.  I like my applesauce on the sour side, so I don’t add much.

Applesauce Ready for the Freezer


7.) Once the applesauce has cooled, I transfer it to either the refrigerator or I freeze it in glass canning jars.  If using glass jars, leave a little headspace at the top.

When I want applesauce, I can take it out of the freezer as needed.


Tips on Getting Cheaper Apples for Applesauce:

I just wanted to pass along a tip.  If you intend on just making applesauce with your apples. For sauce or pie fillings you may want to try and get the best deal you can on your apples. Ask if the orchard has what they may call seconds, culls or drops.

Yummy Apples


These are smaller apples, most often odd shapes or with a slight imperfect appearance.  But they are perfect for making applesauce, apple butter and pie fillings. It will also shave at least 50% off the price of the top grade apples. Of course, not all orchards will sell them this way, but I have a few in my area that do and I take advantage of this. 


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