From Trash to Treasures

Trash to Treasures Garden Arbor

From Trash to Treasures Garden Arbor

From trash to treasures – garden arbor.  This wasn’t a project that I was originally going to blog about.

Partly, because I am a closet, garbage picker and thrift store shopper. Sorry, I like to do it.  Why I feel the need to apologize for my actions – actually irks me somewhat.

I enjoy finding a deal or taking someone else’s junk, and making it something new to me.

A Little Elbow Grease Will Do

I have saved countless items from the landfill over the years.  Items that needed to be sanded, repainted, needed new handles or just a good scrub down.  Basically, just some TLC and a few hours of labor to restore the items to a functioning order.

Rose Arbor to Trellis

Why Does It Have To Be New?
One thing I could never figure out, is the social norm, that things have to be new.  If the item isn’t new, it seems you are looked down at and thought of as a tightwad.

There are certain people in my social circle that I can brag about my finds with.  Others, well, they would not want anything to do with the dreaded words “used” or “recycled.”

What do my children think of my ways?  They are thrilled to help if it means more mini vacations for them!

Our son helped me haul my new project, from this week’s neighborhood garbage collection home.  He was happy to help me out.

Finished Recycled Trellis for Clematis

Cutting Off The Legs of a U Shape Trellis
We rang the doorbell of our neighbor and asked if they were throwing away this large U shaped rose arbor that was roadside.  Yep, they were.  So, my little buddy and I, cut off two side panels and hauled them home. Might not have been the prettiest sight to see.  The two of us walking through the neighborhood with the two panels.  But. it’s over and done with. Both are safe and sound at our home.

Good FREE Things Come To Those That Wait

I have been in the market for a large trellis for our backyard.  I was using a piece of leftover deck lattice for my clematis since we redid our deck.  I wanted something different.  Not the plastic, cheap ones that I saw in stores. If I held out long enough, I would find the perfect thing.  Once again, my waiting paid off.

Our find was an old, real wood arbor. My son and I cut it apart and removed the shelf panels and my husband cut them down to the size I wanted.

Little Left Over Porch Paint and Good As New

I located a gallon of outdoor porch paint we had leftover from another summer project and a brush.  I went to town painting the panels a bright white.  They turned out very well if I do say so myself.

The panel in the picture is one, of the two panels that I re-purposed to my backyard.

Close up of Clematis
Close up of my purple clematis in summer.

I believe my clematis will be much happier.  I know I am already!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
So, I guess I just let the cat out of the bag.  I reduce, reuse and recycle as much as I can.

If our family can find a purpose for an item someone else is ridding themselves of and save a buck…we will.  Call me cheap, call me a tightwad, call me whatever you’d like.  Bottom line, for an hour and a half of my time, I received two custom panels for my yard. Turning one man’s trash into a treasure. MY treasure.

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