Raised Garden Bed Out of Dresser

Raised Garden Bed Out of Dresser

Raised Garden Bed Out of Dresser. Here is taking recycling to extremes one might think.  I think it is a creative way to recycle and make use of something that would just end up in the landfill.  For those of you without a lot of space or who love vertical gardening, this might just work for you.

Using one dresser you can create two planting areas. The dresser can act as a raised garden bed. Raised garden beds are easier for weeding purposes and allow you to amend the soil easily.

Raised Garden Bed From Dresser

1.) Remove dresser drawers and use for the project below.

2.) Fill the dresser with soil. 

3.) Add lattice by using a power stapler or nails for growing & climbing vegetables such as cukes and beans. 


One aspect when starting seeds in spring is that you can use the planter as a cold frame. This will allow you to start your seeds outdoors earlier than straight ground planting.

Use flexible wire to create a wagon-type tent to add plastic around the planting box.

You can also use a PVC framing structure, or a glass pane until the weather is nice.

Raised Flower Bed From Drawers

Raised flower and herb gardens are a wonderful choice for people that are limited on space or have an area bumping up against a fence or house.

1.) Pick an area with Southern exposure, because it gets more sun.

2.) Use 2 stair risers (they come in 3, 4 & 5 steps) for the outside leg.

3.) Use 2 x 4 for the inside leg.

4.) 4 bolts (3.5″ 5/16 hex bolts), 4 nuts (5/16), 8 washers (5/16)

5.) Drill 2 holes in the top riser through both the riser and 2×4 for each leg making sure they line up.

6.) Attach each leg to a stair riser. Attach with 1 hex bolts 3.5″ 5/16; slide a washer (5/16) to the end of the bolt, insert into the riser/leg, add another washer to the exposed end, and tighten a nut to finish. Do the second bolt the same and then do the other leg/stair riser.

7.) Add 2×4 braces to the back with screws.

8.) Place dresser drawers on stair risers.

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