DIY Straw Bale Cold Frame

Need a cold frame storage solution in a hurry? Take a page from a Hard Working Hillybilly’s book for this DIY straw bale cold frame.  He is a genious!

DIY Straw Bale Cold Frame

It is a few weeks closer to planting season here.  I am getting so excited I can hardly contain myself.

I’m itching to start a few seeds outdoors but I know what happens.  I always jump the gun with my excitement.  The night’s have freezing temps and my seedlings die.

Building a cold frame out of straw bales and old windows are going do the trick for me.  After I am finished using the straw bales for cold storage I will be constructing a straw bale garden with the bales.

Straw Bale Garden


The straw bales will absorb the sun when it’s out and radiate heat when it’s dark. Giving plants a steady temperature resulting in, again, a genius way to solve my need for a cold frame.

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