Silverware Garden Stakes

Silverware Garden Stakes

Let’s make some recycled silverware garden stakes!

Gather up your mix and match flatware and get ready to stake your garden claim.

Let’s make silverware garden stakes!

Gather Up Your Stakes:

Look for old spoons and knives at tag sales or yard sales. Find silverware without decorative carvings on the handle. Plain flatware handles work best.

Silverware Garden Stakes


Dremel Engraving Kit

Silverware Garden Stakes


1.) Purchase silverware. Enough for each garden stake, you would like to make.
2.) Place your engraving bit on your Dremel Tool.
3.) Freehand engrave vegetable and herb names onto your silverware handle.
4.) Stick the garden stake into the dirt next to your plant.

Never Leave Yourself Guessing Again:

In the middle of growing season you will not have to ask yourself which patch is really zucchini and which is pumpkin.  Planted too close together and most grew rounder than longer. Ugh!


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Now you go ahead and make your own silverware garden stakes.  Never lose track of what you planted again!

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