Propane Tips From This Grilling Gal

Propane Tips From This Grilling Gal 

I have been told MEN run the grill.  Not at my house!  If you are invited over for a cookout, the woman of the house takes over that job. Let me pass on some propane tips from this grilling gal.

Winter, spring, summer and fall, I grill in them all.  There can be 5 feet of snow on our back deck and I am outside grilling supper. There is only one thing that has stopped me from grilling and that is running out of propane.

How do you know how much propane you have left? For years, I used all sorts of methods to check my tank levels.

Methods for checking Propane Tank Levels

1.) Weighing In

I brought down the bathroom scale and weighed the tank. The tanks you get from a gas station have a capacity of 20 pounds.  When the tank is empty it weighs in at 17 pounds.  When it is full, it weighs 35 pounds.

If I question the gas left, I weigh the tank and subtract 17 pounds (the tank weight).  Then multiply the number you get by 30.  That will give you approximately the number of minutes of grilling time I have left.

2.) Educated Guessing

Each pound of propane gives you 30 minutes of grilling time.  I had a little chart on my fridge that I marked the time it took me to grill each meal.  As soon as I got down to my last pound, I knew I had 30 minutes left and then I had to filler up.

Both of the tricks above work. BUT….

3.) I Bought a Propane Gas Meter

Propane Cylinder Gas Gauge Meter - Stop Guessing!
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Life has been so much easier and for under $15.00, it was a no-brainer.  I always know what I have left for propane. I’m not inside trying to remember if I marked down a tally mark or not on the fridge or grabbing my bathroom scale hoping it is correct.

Life has become easier.  Simplier.

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