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The Tree Swallows Have Arrived

Tree Swallow Bird Swallows

The tree swallows have arrived back in Wisconsin. They normally arrive mid-March through first two weeks of April. I was out scouting yesterday to see what animals were coming out of hibernation or back for the season.

The Tree Swallows Have Arrived

In the field, just down the street from my house I see the city put up some new birdhouses.  The houses have new tenants.  Droves and droves of tree swallows.  Plenty of head ducking was needed to get through that area.  They are everywhere.

Tree Swallow

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Mating Season Is Underway

Immediately following migration back to Wisconsin, it’s mating season for them. From what I have witnessed, the females will sit on to top of their boxes.  The male will fly over and sit next to her, and take a bow.  From there, one of two things can happen.  Nothing.  The male is trying to woo the female.  Sometimes the female is not impressed and doesn’t want anything to do with the male.  He has to work for it 🙂

Tree Swallows

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Other times, they take to flight. Fluttering around.  They might stop and mate at another location, or arrive back to the box.  The flutter-flight that the males do is fun to watch.

Immediately following migration back to Wisconsin, it's mating season for the tree swallows.

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Building the Nest:

The females start building nests before mating occurs.  After mating, the males will help collect the remaining grass and small sticks. They line the inside of the nest with feathers.

Laying and Incubating Eggs

About a week after mating, the female lays 4-7 white eggs. The eggs are incubated by the female for 13-16 days.

Who Feeds the Young Birds?

Both the male and female take turns feeding the young.

Tree Swallows - Arrive back in Wisconsin around March 25th. You can start looking for them. A few days later the barn swallows will arrive.

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When Do the Young Leave the Nest?

15-24 days after hatching the young are on their own.

How Many Broods?

The female can have 2 broods a year.

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