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Snow Bunting Birds

Snow Bunting

Snow Bunting Birds

Today, I was finally able to capture snow bunting birds on camera. Snow buntings are birds of the high Arctic.


Snow Bunting

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When Do You See Them & Where?

In Wisconsin, they arrive in late fall to spend the winter with us, remaining until March or April. Generally, they are seen in flocks in farm fields, along lake shores, roadsides and once in awhile at a feeder.

The birds photographed are in non-breeding plumage.  Breeding plumage differs vastly.  Living in Wisconsin, I will never see snow bunting birds in breeding plumage.

Snow Bunting

Skittish Birds

They are most difficult for people to photograph because they are skittish birds. It is difficult to get them outside of a group.  Once the group spots you, then all scatter.

Thankfully, I believe they had all just arrived for the season and were tired. The snow bunting birds were foraging the rocky shoreline of the Bay of Green Bay. This afforded me the ability to finally get a picture.


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