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Face Only a Mother Could Love

Wild Turkey

Are turkeys not the ugliest birds you have ever laid eyes on? At least I think so.  It is the face that kills me.  A face only a mother could love. But, they are big, beefy and run pretty funny. The only thing I can say that is pretty, or should I say – pretty special is the way they fan their feathers during mating season, now there is a plus!  That is a pure beauty!

Turkey Fanning His Feathers

Nictitating Membrane

What I love about this pic below that it captured the nictitating membrane over her eye.

You didn’t think I was gonna say that pretty face…did you?

Turkey That is Not for You - Wild Turkey Wildlife Photography PrintWhen you get up close and personal can you see why I stand by my thoughts that they are ugly?  Yet, I know plenty of peeps that are in love with them, and maybe you are another that does.  Enough about my thoughts.  Get back to the membrane.

Female Turkey


The membrane is a transparent or translucent third eyelid present in some animals that can be drawn across the eye for protection and to moisten it while maintaining vision.

Gobble GobbleThe term comes from the Latin word nictare, meaning “to blink”. It is often called a third eyelid or haw, and may be referred to in scientific terminology as the plica semilunaris, membrana nictitans, or palpebra tertia.

Turkey in FallUnlike the upper and lower eyelids, the nictitating membrane moves horizontally across the eyeball.

Got all that? I captured the third eye 


Since they have the third eye AND they fan their feathers all pretty during mating season – maybe, I will take back my comment if they have a face only a mother could love.

Turkeys drinking from a fresh rain puddleOh, heck no.  Something about their face still just creeps me out.

Until next time friends, take care!


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