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Nodding Onion Flowers

Nodding Onion Flower

If you are looking for any easy garden flower that will thrive and grow in any condition, and most lighting conditions, the nodding onion flowers might be a plant you wish to look at.

Nodding Onion Flowers

Type: The flower is a perennial bulb.

Family: Lilaceae (Alliacae)

Leaves: Forms clumps of flat leaves that are about 1/4 inch wide and are grass-like in appearance.  They range from green to a gray.

Flowers: Small, bell-shaped, flowers ranging in color from pink, white and magenta.

Wide variety of heights from 6 inches to 2.5 feet.  Suitable for rock garden borders, in mixed floral gardens or containers.

Nodding Onion Planted in Container

Blooming Time:
Most varieties bloom during the month of July.  Although, with the wide variety of nodding onion 

USDA Zones 4-8

White Nodding Onion Plant

Growing Conditions: An easy addition to any flower garden.  Will thrive in shade, sun, sand, moist soil, well rather anything.

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 Other Name It Goes By: Lady’s Leek

Attracts: Butterflies and hummingbirds

Starting From Seed: Seeds have to be refrigerated for 60 days prior sowing. Seed can be started indoors or directly outdoors in spring, Allium Cernuum re-seeds itself and re-grows if the seeds fall on the bare ground.

Purple Nodding Onion Plant

Edible Parts: Leaves, Bulbs, and Bulblets: 
– Gather leaves during spring and fall.
– Gather bulbs in second year when they are large enough to use like cultivated onions. Eaten raw, boiled or pickled.
– Flower stem bulblets are collected during the summer. Use as domestic onions, for seasoning or raw in salads.

Nodding Onion Flower

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