Bond Falls In Paulding Michigan

Each year we plan either a fall or winter trip to Bond Falls in Paulding Michigan. We make a weekend out of visiting the falls, gambling, watching a football game at the bar, and enjoying a late lunch before heading home.

We Stay At The Casino

We stay at the Lac Vieux Desert Resort & Casino and call it home base for the weekend. The room rates are reasonable, they have a friendly waitstaff in their bar and restaurant and we have been known to walk away from our trip paying almost nothing out of pocket.

General Info

General:Bond Falls is a picturesque waterfall located in the western Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA. It is situated on the Middle Branch of the Ontonagon River, near the town of Paulding. Bond Falls is part of the Bond Falls Scenic Site, which is managed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.
Hours:Bond Falls is a natural site, and it doesn’t have specific operating hours. The area is generally accessible throughout the day. It’s recommended to visit during daylight hours for safety and to fully enjoy the natural beauty of the falls. The lower parking lot is seasonal and does close in the winter.
State:Upper Michigan
County:Ontonagon County
Google Map Location:From the town of Paulding, head north on Bond Falls Road. Follow Bond Falls Road until you reach Bond Falls Flowage, where you’ll find parking and the trailhead.
Cost:A Michigan DNR Parks Vehicle sticker is required to enter the falls area from the bottom parking lot.

Bond Falls In Paulding Michigan

The Lac Vieux Desert Resort & Casino is close to Bond Falls in Paulding Michigan which makes it easy to get up on Saturday morning and visit the falls.

It doesn’t matter how many times we visit the area, we always leave happy and recharged to tackle the rest of the weekend.

The area is always changing and breathtakingly beautiful. One can never get tired of viewing the spectacular surroundings.

Be On The Look Out For Wildlife

Be on the lookout for wildlife. We encountered two Bald eagles that took turns pecking at a deer carcass along the roadside on the way into the park.

The birds kept a watchful eye on us but allowed us to stand and watch them from a distance.

Eagles and a variety of additional birds of prey were spotted among the treetops and along the river as we walked the trail down to the falls area.

Eastern gray squirrels, chippies, and white-tailed deer were spotted as we made our way along the trail down to the falls.

The sound of pileated woodpeckers drilling on trees and the yank-yank melody voice and lower hah, hah, hah hah, hah call notes of red-breasted nuthatches and white-breasted nuthatches echoed in the distance.

Bond Falls In the Fall

The waterfall is known for its stunning beauty and accessibility. A well-maintained boardwalk and viewing platforms provide visitors with easy access to different vantage points for enjoying the waterfall.

Amenities such as picnic areas and hiking trails, make it a great spot for a day trip or a relaxing nature outing. The falls are particularly captivating in the autumn months when the surrounding foliage transforms into vibrant colors.

The early morning air temperature on our fall visit was much cooler than the water, creating a spectacular mist above the water.

Photography: Bond Falls is a popular destination for nature lovers, photographers, and those seeking a peaceful outdoor experience.

Waterfall Viewing

The main attraction at Bond Falls is, of course, the waterfall itself. It’s a beautiful site, and many visitors enjoy taking photographs or simply admiring the natural surroundings.

Bond Falls is a stunning waterfall on the Ontonagon River. The main drop is about 40 feet, and the falls cascade over a series of terraces. Visitors can enjoy the mesmerizing sight of the waterfall and the surrounding natural beauty.

On this visit, we were the only two people viewing this paradise that morning. The roaring power of the rushing water can be felt from the ground as we approached and each branch of the Ontongon River offered a new view.

Hiking: There are walking paths and hiking trails around Bond Falls, providing opportunities for a stroll or a more extended hike. The trails offer different vantage points for viewing the falls and exploring the natural surroundings. Along the paths and trails, you will find educational signage, providing information about the geological features, flora, and fauna of the region. Learn about the natural history of the area as you explore.

Fishing: Bond Falls Flowage allows for fishing, and it’s common for visitors to try their luck with trout and other fish in the area. Make sure to check local fishing regulations and obtain any necessary permits.

Bond Falls in Any Season

Bond Falls in winter is pretty after fresh snow. The Ontonagon River has rootbeer-colored water and stands out against the bright white snow. But the area is equally impressive during autumn.

Visiting Hours: Bond Falls is typically open to visitors year-round. However, access and conditions may vary, especially during the winter months when snow and ice are present.

Seasonal Activities: Depending on the time of year, activities such as birdwatching, wildlife observation, and snowshoeing may also be popular.

Additional places to explore:

Paulding Lights

Weekend Getaway

If you are looking to get out and do some exploring in any season – check out Bond Falls In Paulding Michigan. Remember that Bond Falls is a natural site, and it doesn’t have specific operating hours. The area is generally accessible throughout the day. It’s recommended to visit during daylight hours for safety and to fully enjoy the natural beauty of the falls.

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