DIY Toadstools for Your Flower Garden

This project is simple and cute! By recycling a vase, bowl and decorative pieces of glass or broken plates you can create your own DIY toadstools for your flower garden.

Encase an old floral vase with an even layer of quikrete that has been tinted with a buff color concrete colorant.  Let dry.

Place a small amount of quikrete in the inside, middle of the bowl and attach it to the floral vase which is acting as the mushroom base.

Spread small amounts of quikrete around on the outside of the bowl in an even spread.  Work in small squares of quikrete.  Spread the quikrete and press your glass, broken plates, rocks or whatever you desire into the top of the mushroom.

Let the entire mushroom dry and set out in your garden.

It makes the perfect conversation piece for your gardens.

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