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Happy as a Clam

Happy as a Clam Sugar Creek County Park Brussels Wisconsin Door County

Happy as a Clam at Sugar Creek

Last Thursday afternoon I got a text from my husband asking if I had plans for the night.  He was asked to go walleye fishing after work.  I replied, nope.  No plans, but go I’ll make some now.  It was a very warm day and we had an extreme amount of rain earlier in the week, so I knew the creeks would be running. Late in the day makes a wonderful time to play in the water happy as a clam with a tripod and camera.

On the Road to Sugar Creek

The creek is about a 20-minute drive from my home.  It is a pleasant, country backroad drive.  I watch the farm fields and edge of the woods for wildlife, farm equipment, and barns to photograph.  Nothing really stuck out.


Sugar Creek and Woods Photography Print

Getting Set Up

I brought along my old tennis shoes to walk in the creek so I laced them up and then removed the camera, tripod, camera trigger and filters from the car.  Heading down toward the creek there were swarms of Wisconsin’s state bird, back to the car for bug spray. I bathed in the stuff.


Bridge Over Creek and Woods Photography Print

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The Water Was Nice

Since it was still rather hot, the cool water was a pleasant place to be.  Although, I was still fighting the skitters off. They must have taken a pint of blood out of my body, even with heavy deet on.  Relentless little buggers.

I walked up and down the creek looking for photo ops. the entire time thinking about how many times I had been in this creek during the 80’s catching smelt with my grandpa and uncles.  Even back then I was not a girly girl.  I did stuff with the boys, like catch worms for fishing by using cool shock rods and treeing coons at night with the hunting dogs.  Fond memories.


Creek and Woods Landscape Photography Print

Long Exposures Cool Photos

With the filters on I was able to extend the exposure of the photographs.  Giving the water different looks. Sometimes like glass, and other times leaving a little motion to her.


Only Little steps on the Creek


This small step down rock ledge looked interesting.  Sometimes with a little longer exposure even the small step down with water can look a tad majestic. I love how you can see the flowage pattern of the water.  Some flows over the rocks and additional water flower in front of the rock steps.

 Walking the Shoreline

I thought I’d explore and enjoy the beach area until sunset.

Double-crested Cormorants Drying Wings and RestingA group of Double-crested Cormorants drying their wings. Unlike many waterbirds, the cormorant’s wings do not repel the water. You will see them drying their wings up in trees along the water. I think they have a prehistoric-look, do you agree?

Sunset Over the Bay 

One of my favorite things was walking on the beach. This year the water level is much higher, so there isn’t as much beach but how about all those round stones and the slight coloring to the early sunset sky.  Isn’t it dreamy?  Perfection, really.


Beach with Sunset Landscape Photography Fine Art Print

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Not sure if I ever mentioned in an earlier posting or not but like some other places I have vacationed, Door County, Wisconsin sunsets are not quick sunsets.  The colors linger in the sky.  Gradually changing and intensifying. A magnificent ending to a long day.


Beach with Sunset Landscape Photography Fine Art Print

I ended up talking to a guy about photography on the beach and before I knew it, I was right at the place I like to leave and head for home. At my age, I finally understand why my grandmother always said she didn’t have headlights. I’m a little hesitate staying in this area at dark because of the large population of deer that enjoy playing chicken with your car.  I have been on the losing battle once. Haha.  I don’t like the area for that reason alone. But, come November, I bet the hunters love it.


Beach with Sunset Landscape Photography Fine Art Print

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Sugar Creek bid me a fabulous farewell and off I went.

Thanks for tagging along on my visit to sugar creek, maybe another day I will post a few more pics from the area. Just haven’t got around to viewing and sorting everything, most of the time I just cherry pick a few of my favorites and everything else sits on a drive for another day.

See you back here next Monday!

Enjoy your week!!



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