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Repairing a Broken Connector on a Bose Sounddock Station

My husband loves to tinker with electronics. He has been successful in fixing multiple electroic items for friends and our children. Here is his video on repairing a friends Bose Sounddock connector for an ipod.

From him: This is a short video on repairing a broken connector on a Bose Sound Docking Station. I am not confident that the repair I made will last as long as just purchasing a new board due to how small the connectors I had to fix are, but the repair did work and seemed to be holding up ok when I tested it. Worst case senario is that I have to buy a replacement board.

6 thoughts on “Repairing a Broken Connector on a Bose Sounddock Station

  1. The sounddock is still working months later and the sound quality is the same as it was purchased new. So, even though he wasn’t 100% sure his fix would work and hold. It has (:

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    • Marie,

      I would check eBay and You will more than likely find someone that will sell the card or have one from another sound system that has damage elsewhere on their unit. Another wonderful place to put your request is Craigslist.I have had great luck searching for my needs there.

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