I was looking for some cute framed sayings to add to my bathroom decor and I really didn’t like anything I came across in the stores.

Then, I remembered that my daughter had given me some white, 8×10 frames for Christmas last year and I figured maybe I should just make something to print out and distressing of the frames to tie them together.

My 12 year old son said the framed prints have been a huge hit with his friends. He stated that not a tween or teen has come out without giggling and repeating the sayings.

I created four different sayings and frame them all for the downstairs bathroom. There is a picture of each design unframed below.

Since I have already done the prep work, I decided to share the patterns with you. You can download and print out all four of the patterns below using the red text.

Please do not sell them.  They are for personal use only.  You may print them to make a framed print for yourself or give them as gifts only.

Brush Teeth
Wash Hands
Flush Toliet
Toilet Paper

I printed all of the sayings on regular white printer paper and then cut the (3) 8×10 to size.  For the wash your hands print, I framed that specially, I found a 11×14 frame and 8×10 mat.  Then I just put them together and it was a instant masterpiece!

Feel free to use any or all of the designs to make some added bathroom reading materials for your guests.