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Ice Formation Photography

Ice Formation Photography

Spent the day on the ice with my husband. The plan was to visit Sherwood Point Lighthouse and partake in some ice formation photography. The avid fisherman that he is, begs me monthly to go out with him ice fishing weekly. I have ventured out with him, selectively.

I can tell you this, I dislike ice with every fiber of my being. I keep thinking exposing myself in small steps, will help. With the exception of the first hour, it went ok. The first hour was P A N I C – sheer panic.

My hope was to take the ATV out and stand under the lighthouse on the ice and take pictures. I didn’t even get close. Even having the option of a 600mm lens in hand, I was way too far way.

Ice Fishing Off Sherwood Point Lighthouse

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We had to go back to shore to get a few drinks in me and then head back out. No, lie. Fear is real. At least perceived fear is real.

Since this happens to be my favorite lighthouse on the Door County Peninsula, I wanted to make sure I had an up close and personal ice experience with it at least once in my lifetime. Read about the history here.

There was a warmth to the morning sun.  The glowing backlighting of the lighthouse made it pop right off the limestone cliff.  At the time I was internally shaking from fear but still grinning from ear to ear.  You just don’t get a chance to experience this view, let alone many chances to photograph it in this manner.

Sherwood Point Lighthouse Morning Sun

Late in the day, I became braver. The second attempt surprised my husband. I was up close and personal with the lighthouse.

The smattering of low level, feathery wisps of cloud cover against the perfect blue skies set this image apart from the rest.  The shades of blue changed every hour.  This image captures the brightest blue from the day.  A striking, rich hue.

Sherwood Point Lighthouse Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin


The early sunset colors  were interesting. Mesmerizing, how simple it looked, at first glance.  If you stared at it for a long time, watching the clouds come and go, the sun setting in a magnificent flourish, you would almost think, maybe, it was talking to you. The cold winds started to blow in. The warmth of the day was quickly fading.


Ice On Ice Frozen Formations

The perfect wispy cloud formations and blue skies made for an excellent backdrop for the day. We found a few exceptional pieces of naturalistic art.  Ice on ice frozen formations are phenomenal.


Ice On Ice Frozen Formations

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As the golden glow of the last hour of the day reflected off the ice, I found myself at ease with the ice.  It only took me a few hours to feel a comfort.

Ice On Ice Magical Moments

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With views like this – how you not wish to explore?  Absolutely exceptional.

Ice On Ice - I Can See For Miles

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Whoo Hoo! I braved the ice. I lived. Have to thank my talented guide (husband) for telling me what ice to stay off of when venturing closer to the lighthouse and allowing me to stop and explore the shoreline for ice formation photography. Couldn’t have asked for a better day.  The photos turned out better than I had hoped for.


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It was a feat to get me out as far as I went today. I did make it out to the fishing reef and from Sherwood Point to Sand Bay.

Ice is my friend. Ice is my friend. Breathe. Breathe.


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