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Ways to Cage or Stake Tomatoes

There are several ways to cage or stake tomatoes and each one boils down to matter of gardeners preference.

There are several ways to cage or stake tomatoes and each one boils down to matter of gardeners preference.

Caging Tomatoes

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Plant cages work wonders in the garden. This set of 12-Inch by 33-Inch Plant Support 10-Pack is powder coated galvanized steel wire and made in the US.  Great for cherry tomatoes and lighter duty tomato supports.  Comes in 5 color choices.

Many times you can find someone giving them away through online ads as well. Hopefully, you can be so lucky.  If not, they are fairly reasonably priced.

Staking Tomatoes


Garden Plant Ties


The Tomato Stake is a product that comes in a pack of three.  It is 5 feet long and has built-in twistie-ties.  Stronger and reusable from year to year. They were a little expensive online.

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Purchase the stakes online for a quick fix or do some searching through your garage. Sometimes it is a simple as found stakes that are pounded into the ground.  Then using one of the plant tie methods below.

Plant Ties



Velcro Plant Ties

1.) Velcro Plant Ties Happen to be my favorite options for not only tomatoes but any plant I want to redirect the growth of. They are strong, reusable and easier to remove than twist ties. You simply cut off the amount you need and the velcro attachment keeps a strong hold around your plants to the stakes or trellis. They are green in color and will blend in nicely to any decor.


2.) Forget old panty hose, twist ties and old bed sheets. Luster Leaf Rapiclip Foam Wire Tie will not hurt the plants, provides unlimited flexibility, and you can save it year after year.

3.) In a pinch old panty hose, twist ties and old bed sheets, most certainly do work.  I just find sometimes I damage my vegetable plants – so I leave those to my flowers and vine plants.

Hope this sparked some ideas for you..

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