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Cave Point County Park Sturgeon Bay

Cave Point County Park Sturgeon Bay

Cave Point County Park Sturgeon Bay

Our son is one busy guy.  He is blessed with a good job, great friends and a well to do social calendar. He always has time for our annual Cave Point County Park Sturgeon Bay trip.

A few friends, and even some family members ask me if he is ever around.  Sure, he is.  Although, he is busy doing what teenagers do, carving out a path for his life.

One thing he ALWAYS makes time for, “mom time.” We spend quality, one on one time together doing activities at least once a month.  Sometimes it is breakfast, sometimes lunch, a small, day road trip or just watching a tv show together.

Cave Point County Park Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

Either way, we stay connected.

Yesterday, we took a ride up to Door County to Cave Point County Park.  The drive there gave us time to talk and catch up.  For two weeks, our schedules had been conflicting.

Cave Point Door County Wisconsin


Climb  around the rocks on top of the limestone cliffs.


In the Woods - Plenty of hiking trails in Door County, Wisconsin.

Walked the paths through the wooded areas.


White Baneberry - Fuzzy white flowers in the early stages. Its fruit, contain a cluster of white berries on a branched red stalk. The black dot in the center of each berry reveal why the plant is often referred to as Doll's Eye. Historical Uses - Tea can be brewed from the roots of the plant to create an herbal remedy that was at one time used to treat headaches, coughs, relieve pain during childbirth and PMS, as well as improve the body's circulatory system; however, all parts of the plant are now recognized to be poisonous and are known can cause stomach aches and skin blisters

Plenty of wildflowers and moss to look at. Pictured is a white baneberry wildflower.

Photo that B took of us at Cave Point. Excellent mom and son bonding time.

B and I at Cave Point County Park



The rock stacking structures are called cairns. There are hundreds, if not thousands of the rock structures being built along the shoreline.

Leaving Their Mark - The shoreline of Cave Point in Door County, Wisconsin. The rocky shoreline attracts the visitors to leave their mark.

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At first, I thought it looked pretty neat.  Then, I started to think about it from a nature point.

By stacking those stones, and you’ve changed the environment from something that it wasn’t, to something manmade. Degrading an already beautiful landscape. It defies the leave no trace, do no harm ethics.

It was just a thought for what kind of issues this may create later…

You can see what Cave Point looks like in winter and early spring HERE.

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