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Old Farmhouse in Door County

Old Farmhouse Door County

Old Farmhouse in Door County

Last year, my daughter and I made a trip up to the hunting grounds in Southern Door County, Wisconsin to meet up with my husband and some friends of ours. The guys had obtained permission to hunt a deer herd that had become an issue on a piece of property with an old farmhouse in Door County.  The herd was liquidating the farmer’s crop fields and corn storage cribs.

Before hunting the land, they wanted to check out the area, So, we went and walked the land. The grounds were fun to explore and there was plenty for me to photograph. The property has outbuildings, a barn, an old farmhouse and machinery.

We didn’t go inside the house, but maybe next time. We weren’t sure what condition the floorboards of the house were in.  They looked like they were in a rather rough shape.  Figured, we would ask the landowner.  I assumed since he gave us the key that it was safe.  You know what they say about assuming though, right?

Old farmhouse on the property

Old Abandon Farmhouse Door County
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A piece of John Deere equipment that has seen it’s better days sits in front of one of the barns on the property.


Rusty Farm Equipment
The door to one of the outbuildings.


Rusty Door Handle
A barn to hold machinery and day to day tools needed for farming.


The photo below was the chicken coop. The area that has the thick bramble growing out of it was an open area for the chickens to roam. The inside, held the hen houses for laying eggs.

I just love Door County, Wisconsin and the rich history it still holds.


Ye Old Chicken Coup
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Pole with old electric fence housing.

Old Wooden Electric Fence Pole

Another barn on the property. This one looks to have stored equipment. It could have also been a place to store bulk tanks for milking as well.


Old Tool Shed

View inside one of the barns that the structure was sound enough to explore.

Hay Day

Lock to one of the barns. Notice that the metal was hand forged.

Locked Out

Barn door to the barn that held the cattle milking parlor and bulk tanks.

White Washed Barn Door


I’d like to go back and explore further. Since the purpose for our visit, was business, I really didn’t get to see everything I would like to have. Until we meet another day my friend…



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