Organizing My Zazzle Store

The past month I’ve spent time organizing my Zazzle store, setting up navigation, store categories, and adding designs. I find it much easier to list in my Pixels store but my target market likes to purchase from Zazzle.

January 2023, Zazzle chose me to beta-test a new store feature, and I’m all about creating cute graphics and mockups – I mean, have you viewed my website?

I’m all about making something my own! So, I have been playing around with the product’s main photos.

Customers Seem To Have Questions – I Have Answers 🙂

Since I have been advertising the Zazzle marketplace lately, customers seem to have questions. When one person has a question, you should assume that there are 10 more people that have the same question. At least that is my thought. What is Zazzle? How do I transfer an image? Who mails my purchase? What if I don’t like what I purchased?

I seldomly promoted the Zazzle storefront on social media in the past, posts have been limited to a handful on Facebook and Instagram. So, I fully understand your questions.

I’m an old-school marketer, guiding customers using links on my website. Since I will be promoting on social media more often, many of you will be first-time visitors to the website, let me explain how purchasing works.

How Purchasing Works

I am a digital and mixed media designer and Zazzle is a storefront which you can purchase my design work from. Here is how it works:

1.) Browse design selections and select a design. If the image is a print and you want the image on a coffee cup there are directions on how to transfer the image to another product listed under the heading “More than just prints” below.

2.) Submit payment to Zazzle and Zazzle will fit your order using professional-grade materials.

3.) Your order will be mailed to your home by Zazzle.

We want you and your loved ones to love your creation. View the Love it or return it policy.

More Than Just Prints

Most digital work gets listed as a print, but did you know that you can transfer the image to thousands of products?

Available on Cards to Canvas

On Zazzle, there is an option to transfer my design work to thousands of products, and you are not limited to purchasing prints.

Below the design, you will see the option to transfer. Click on “view all products” to pick the perfect gift or art medium for your home decor.

You Advertise Two Stores?

The last question is one from my friends and family “What is the difference between your Zazzle and Pixels stores?” The simple answer is the price you pay. I get 25 cents to a dollar (ish) off every sale on Zazzle. In a world full of art and photos I’m happy to share my talents with you and keep my commission low so you can enjoy new art.

I hope that I have answered all your questions! If not, you can always TEXT me personally (Nikki) at 920-569-9120, I’m a one-woman show and would be happy to answer any and all questions.

**Updated question** I thought you have professional pictures but I downloaded a picture from your website and Instagram and printed them at xxxx. They are blurry. —> My reply. Thanks for texting me! You made me laugh! All photos online are web quality. Just spend $12 for two prints next time and save your time, gas & hard-earned money.

New This Month

Until next time friends, I wish you health and happiness!