Wisconsin Wildflowers or Invasives

Wisconsin wildflowers or invasives. Most of the photographs were taken while on walks along paths and through the woods. Well, at least I tell everyone I’m going for a walk. Really, I’m just exploring my options for photographing. Shhh! Don’t tell.

Wisconsin Wildflowers, Natives & Invasive Flowers:

There are a few that many believe to be wildflowers, including me at one point- that is why they are on this page.


Jack in the Pulpit Mayapple
Eastern Columbine Burdock
Dune Thistle Forget Me Not
Downy Yellow Violet
Early MeadowRue Downy Yellow Violet
Purple Gaywing Wildflower Trout Lily Wildflower
Purple Gaywing Trout Lily
Cardinal Flower Crocus
Yellowbell Wildflower
Bittersweet Nightshade Yellow Bell
Dwarf Lake Iris Spiderwort Wildflower
Dwarf Lake Iris Spiderwort


Yellow Flag Iris Snowdrop
Yellow Flag Iris Snowdrop

You can find additional wildflowers, weeds and invasives under the photo galleries